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    What to See - Experience Tours

    Wines of Samos

    • With Wine Tasting!
    • Rich Lunch included
    • Great scenery!

    In the "Wines of Samos" Experience we take you on a mental and physical journey through the fascinating world of winemaking on Samos. A journey that takes you from the history and traditions of the viniculture on the island, the beautiful situated vineyards and their cultivation to the contemporary and world famous wines produced on the island. The Wines of Samos experience includes a wine tasting of 8 different Samos varieties, great scenery and a deliciously rich lunch with local specialties, accompanied by some unforgettable home-made wines!

    Price per person: €70,00
    Minimum number of participants: 8

    "Wine - like music - communicates with every human being; offering exquisite pleasure and good company with each aromatic, velvety and refreshing sip!"

    Samos Viticulture

    Samos WinesIf Samos is famous for one thing, it surely is its remarkable wines. The ancient Greeks who loved to observe and study nature, often praised the beneficial climate and the fertile soil of Samos. Although many things have changed since the first known cultivation on the island in the 9th century B.C., the type of vine still remains the same thanks to Samos' favourable climate and to the extraordinary qualities of its earth.

    Viniculture and wine production permanently marked the island's economy and history linking the cultivator to this sensitive and demanding plant which requires great care and toil in order to produce the unique, sweet flavoured, Samian wine known as "moschato".

    A bit of mythology

    DionysosIn Greek mythology Dionysus (or Bacchus) was a celestial deity. He was the son of Zeus and Semele. He was worshipped as the god of wine, merriment, and intoxication. Dionysus was known for the forgetfulness of care, mutual friendship, and cheerful conversation.

    When the Amazons denied Dionysus, he pursued them to Samos. Once there, Dionysus sought the help of the Samians in order to get revenge and managed to defeat the warrior women. The place where Dionysus beat the Amazons was named "Panaimo" referring to the great amount of blood that was shed there.

    In return for the aid he was given, the God taught the Samians viniculture, gave them the vine that leads to the world famous sweet wine and taught them how to make it.

    Wine cultivation today

    VineyardsThe cultivation of the vine on Samos as we know it today hasn't changed much since early antiquity. Samos being extremely mountainous, the farmers have to work hard before they see their first plants to bear fruit.
    The Samian vine growers and wine producers believe that, in order to produce good wine of any variety or price, it is not enough to rely on favourable natural resources and human endeavour. Tradition, dedication and experience are also indispensable.

    Samos wines acquired international reputation and nowadays Samos supplies the markets of both East and West. The Roman Catholic Church even conceded to Samos the privilege of preparing the wine used in the Holy Eucharist.

    "Samos" was the first Greek wine to be recognised as a "quality wine produced in a specific region" (appellation controlee) and for more than a century has been Greek wine's best ambassador in the international market.