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    A Taste of Samos - with olive oil tasting and goody bag

    • Great flavours!
    • Olive Oil Tasting!
    • Lunch incl.
    • Educational!
    • Goodybag

    A Taste of SamosA Taste of Samos takes you around the island feasting your taste buds, nose and eyes! So many great produce is coming from the fertile soils of Samos, it would be a shame if you didn't get the change to actually see, smell and taste them yourselves! So we will make sure not one of your senses is left unsatisfied by the time we finish our trip!

    Price per person: €70,00
    Minimum number of participants: 6

    "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food" (Hipocrates)

    Holy produce

    Monastery Megali Panagia SamosWe start off by visiting the beautiful Monastery of Megali Panagia in the mountain between the villages of Mili and Koumaradei on the south side of Samos.

    The monks of this active monastery produce a great range of organic (and blessed) products like jams, liqueurs, flavored oils and various kinds of pasta, suitable for fasting. The monastery has a long history, in which it played an important role for the inhabitants of the island.

    Organic aromatic herbs

    Aromatic herbs SamosOur next stop is in the village of Koumaradei where we visit the herbal store of the family Klironomou. This family has devoted the past 30 years of their lives to the production of organic herbs and essential oils. They have captured the smells of nature in little cardboard boxes and vials, which hide aromatic herbs like oregano, savory, basil, mint, chamomile, rosemary, laurel and lavender.

    Cooking will never be boring again when your nose picks up the aroma of Samos rising up from your pots and pans!

    Fragrant honey

    Samian honeyOn we go to Koutsi, where the little hide out of beekeeper Konstantinos Skaliaris has some nice surprises in store! The rich and sweet flavour of the exquisite Samos honey is hard to surpass! The complex pallet of the honey reflects the happy lives of the bees, which live in the islands forests and spend their day's collecting nectar from the aromatic herbs and flowers.

    Olive oil tasting

    Olive Mill SamosIn Koumaika we visit the olive mill of Giannis Markou and his family, who have a long tradition in olive oil production. During an olive oil tasting we explain the characteristics of the different olive oil classes and make a sensory evaluation of three different types of Samian Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a veritable healing genie in a bottle. It balances blood sugar, cools inflammation, soothes arthritis, lowers cholesterol and helps to keep your arteries healthy. In fact, it benefits every part of the human body!

    Samian lunch

    Since we have worked up quite an appetite by now with all this smelling and tasting, it's time to sit down for a nice local lunch in a traditional tavern! Here you can expect a selection of regional dishes and of course the infamous dry and sweet wines from Samos or Souma (Muscat grape distillate) to rinse all these intensely fragrant treats down! The menu will depend on the season and availability of the ingredients, but surely it will be tasty!

    Greek coffee & sweet spoon

    Greek Coffee &On the way back we will make a stop at for a genuine cup of greek coffee with 'glyko tou koutaliou', while enjoying the great views over the Pythagorion Valley. A peaceful moment to rethink all the nice flavours and tastes we tried, before we return home.