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    What to learn - Pure Samos Experiences

    Cooking the food of Samos

    Visiting Samos now gives you the opportunity to learn about the Greek cuisine and more specific, the Samian cuisine! Our professional Greek chef can teach you all about the secrets of preparing delicious Greek dishes according to traditional recipes, using only the best and super fresh ingredients. Find out what culinary Samos has to offer!

    Probably you have heard about the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. An ancient way of life more than a diet really, that insures a healthier and longer life. Healthy food, but most of all tasty and honest food!

    Price per person: €30,00
    Minimum number of participants: 8

    "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are."
    (Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, 1826)

    Cooking Classes

    In the Samian Gastronomy Classes of Chef Eleni you will be welcomed with a cup of coffee, followed by the preparation of the different dishes using fresh vegetables, spices and herbs. And when we say fresh, we mean ythey have been harvest just moments before from the vegetable garden! When things are good and well cooking, you will be taken on a tour through the biological gardens and orchards. Don't miss the opportunity to try things straight from the plants and trees! Then you return to the kitchen to finalize your creations and it is time for the best part... sitting down for a nice meal and tasting the results of your efforts! Your meal will be accompanied by dry or sweet house wine or Souma, a Samian distillate of grapes skin.

    The restaurant of the chef is located at the top of a graphic mountain village. You will be preparing the food on the spacious cool veranda, surrounded bij green hills and with a magnificent view over the valley.

    In the vegetable garden you can see the various fruit & nut trees, smell herbs like oregano, basil, lavender, marjoram and tarragon and also see zuccini & sweet pumpkin plants full of flowers, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, rocket, lettuce and many more products growing.

    No better way to experience the Samian people and their culture than through their culinary habit

    Greek Culinary Traditions

    The principal aspects of the Greek diet include: high olive oil consumption, a lot of fresh legumes and fruits and unrefined cereals, moderate consumption of fish, wine and dairy products (mostly cheese, eggs and yogurt), plus a little meat and meat products.

    So the Ancient Greeks' nutrition was rich in vegetables, beans and olive oil. They ate really small portions of meat and they did a great deal of physical labour. They were experimenting with different kinds of ingredients and their preparation and they were constantly creating new recipes, never forgetting to write them down for the next generations to have.

    This way Greece acquired one of the most ancient, palatable culinary traditions throughout the world. A tradition in flavour, taste, ingredients and ways of preparing those ingredients that started thousands years ago and still live on today.

    Greek traditional products and what Greeks create out of them is a big part of their civilization. Continuous research and creativity helped improve those products and made the Greek kitchen famous worldwide. And for good reasons: It is healthy, it is unique, its delicious and it prolongs live!