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    What to do? - Activities on Land

    Walking & Hiking

    Walking & Hiking

    Samos is without a doubt one of the most perfect Greek islands for walking and botanising. Walking and hiking paths for all experience levels can be found around the island.

    On the south side you can witness the stretch of sea as it silently reaches the northern Dodecanese, the breathtaking mountainous shores of Turkey, fertile Samian, ancient mines, ruins and Monasteries in just a single walk.

    On the northern coast you can find more difficult but stunning mountain hikes into the wine villages and through valleys swamped with butterflies and flowers. Looking down from the heights you have climbed, the cultivated mountainside presents a visual feast of vineyards and olive groves climbing up toward you from the sea.

    The best time to visit Samos for land activities like hiking and climbing is spring and fall, when the weather is sunny and mild (September through mid-December) and the flowers blooming (March through June). Summer months are ideal for cavers, who escape the often oppressive heat in the natural coolness of the caves.