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    What to do? - Activities on Water

    Scuba Diving

    On the surface, the beautiful and hospitable country of Greece may be known to many, under water the Greek part of the Mediterranean Sea is only known to a few!

    Until february 2006, diving in Greece was only permitted on specific locations and under strict regulation due to the fear of smuggling of ancient relics. Since February 2006, the Mediterranean Sea has finally been liberated for sport diving by the Greek Government. As we speak, a treasure of mysterious dive sites is waiting to be discovered. And since we can dive freely now, we cease the opportunity with both hands. Consider yourself invited!

    Diving the Mediterranean Seas of Greece

    Greece as a country can be characterized by the variety in nature, the warmth of the people, the lovely climate, a rich historical heritage and its beautiful beaches and sea. Greece under water is defined by the same variety in nature plus an unbelievable clarity. The warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea can provide you during the season (May - October) with vision up to 50 metres!

    Diving here is very rewarding for those of us with an eye for it. There are many different dive types available; from caves, walls and reefs to incredible rock formations. You can enjoy dives in shallow and deep waters, with currents or without. You can find numerous interesting wrecks, marine parks and rich vegetation with lots of sea flowers and anemones. Also the fauna is divers: prepare yourself for encounters with sponge forests, giant shells, urchins, starfishes and octopus, but also with large schools of fishes and walls full of crustaceans and shrimps. At night you can see small schools of ink fish and Giant Moray Eels pass by.

    In the very nearby future you will even have the unique opportunity to visit Greece first archaeological under water parks, where the spirits of times long gone linger in the blue …

    Diving Samos

    Samos position in the Aegean Sea offers you great possibilities for exploring the underwater world around the Island. Enjoy almost virgin diving with sponge wall coverings, many varieties of Nudibranch, Moray Eels, Sea Stars, Octopus, Lobsters and much more in the clearest waters you can imagine. The diving in Samos is done in small groups and chances are almost nihil that you encounter another group of divers underwater!

    Certified divers can participate in the full or half day guided dives by boat or continue their dive education with the Padi programm. New divers can try this fantastic sports with a discover scuba course or a Open Water Course. PADI-courses are offered from Bubblemaker for children to the PADI Divemaster course.