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    What to do? - Activities on Land


    Climbing on SamosWith 9 months of sun and a pleasant mountain breeze, Samos Island creates a paradise for climbers. You will find climbing sectors with different styles of climbing, routes on natural lines, amazing sea cliffs and many routes under alpine walls.

    Samos is dominated by two mountain areas called the Kerkis and the Karvounis. The Kerkis rules the west side of the island and its highest peak "Vigla" at 1443m, makes it the second-highest mountain in the East Aegean.
    The Karvounis completely dominates the northern and eastern side of the island. The top is called Prophet Elias and has a hight of 1153m.

    Although rock-climbing fields can be found all over Samos, and many are currently under development, the western side of the island is a wonderland for rock climbing and mountaineering fans. Both sport and traditional climbing routes of all levels can be found on the island. The views over the sea from these routes are even more impressive at these dizzying heights!