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    Welcome to Pure Samos!

    The Island of Samos is a unique place, where the beauty of the sea is combined with the wild splendour of the high, tree-full mountains. A fertile part of land in the Aegean Sea where not only plants were able to grow, but also ideas and people!

    At Pure Samos we believe that holidays are more than just a break from your normal routines. It's about participating in life enriching experiences and returning home transformed, through connections with the world around you. With passion and dedication we therefore organise for you the ideal holiday experience, in which you truly can get to know the island, its history and its inhabitants. When it is time to go home, you leave as a different person!

    All suggestions or packages in our basic program can be adjusted to your individual wishes, so you can create your own unique Samos experience. Our partners are personal relations and kindred spirits, who love the island as much as we do. This way we make sure that you will always find the personal touch and devotion of Pure Samos, no matter how you choose to experience our island!